3 Things You Should Know About Staff Lanyards

3 Things You Should Know About Staff Lanyards

Staff lanyards are a great way to tell staff members apart from visitors. They help staff identify themselves and provide a place for staff members to put their name tag and essential information like emergency contact numbers. But how do you choose the right staff lanyard? There are many different styles of staff lanyards available in the market today, so it may not be easy to pick out one that suits your needs. This article will discuss three things you should know about staff lanyards before you purchase one!

1) Choose the correct length of staff member’s height

2) Consider what type of strap material is best suited for your company

3) Pay attention to where the ID card is positioned

In conclusion, staff lanyards can be a great way to identify staff members and make sure they have essential information. But before you purchase one, there are some things that you need to consider! Make sure the staff member’s height corresponds with the length of their staff lanyard, as well as what type of staff member you are. If staff members are carrying their ID cards on the lanyard, they must have a place to store them as well!