3 Escape Room Themes: What Will You Choose?

3 Escape Room Themes: What Will You Choose?

Escape rooms are a relatively new form of entertainment. They have only gained popularity in recent years, but they are already sweeping the nation. Popular escape room themes include:

1) Hollywood: If you want to feel like a celebrity in your own right, then this is the theme for you! You’ll be tasked with solving puzzles left by famous actors in order to win fame and fortune.

2) Mystery: For those who love mystery novels or movies, this is the escape room for them! Solve clues given by an anonymous figure while trying to uncover secrets from someone else’s past.

3) Horror: If you’re looking for something that’ll scare your pants off, then this is the theme for you! You won’t know who or what will pop out at any moment and it’ll be hard to tell what’s real and what is a figment of your imagination.

Other themes include:

1) Sherlock Holmes – this is one of the most popular escape room themes because it allows players to solve puzzles and clues as if they were Sherlock Holmes himself!

2) Zombie Apocalypse – for those who love zombies, this is an exciting theme that will allow you to fight your way out from a group of zombies trying to eat your brains!

3) Space Mission – astronauts can enjoy exploring space while solving puzzles and finding keys in this themed adventure.

These are some of the most popular and exciting themes. Find you favorite and enjoy.