The Cost Of An Escape Room: Factors In The Price

The Cost Of An Escape Room: Factors In The Price

Escape rooms are a popular attraction, especially for birthday parties and corporate team-building events. The prices can vary depending on the size of the space, what is included in your package, and other factors.

The Size of Your Escape Room Space range from small (6×8 ft) spaces where groups have just 10 minutes to find their way out before being locked in again or more significant areas with more than 100 square feet and a 1-hour time limit. If you want a bigger space, you can expect to pay a higher price.

Escape Rooms with the lowest prices are typically smaller spaces with less than 100 square feet and a shorter time limit of only about ten minutes (though these small Escape Rooms often provide an incredible experience). The larger Escape rooms will tend to be more expensive because they usually have more than 100 square feet, a longer time limit and often have features like electricity. Escape rooms with the highest prices usually feature special themes or actors (like zombies), an additional charge on top of the Escape Room prices.

The Escape Room experience is an activity that appeals to a broad range of people. People with varied interests and lifestyles have the Escape Room in common, as do those looking for new experiences or celebrating something special.

Escape Rooms offer physical adventure, mental challenge, and social fun. They can be used for team-building exercises, corporate events, birthdays, bachelor parties – even marriage proposals! Escape rooms provide hours of entertainment at affordable prices.