Strippers and the hidden Truth about them

Strippers and the hidden Truth about them

So, you decided to visit a strip club, great! However, you need to be mindful of the rules. If you disregard any of them, a huge bouncer will kick you out and that the honest truth. It is imperative that you remember a core rule—never touch when you get to the strip club and know why you can’t touch a stripper. 

You can, however, place your hands on her lower back in a bid to guide her to the bar or the private dance area. You can also choose to interlock your hand with hers while sitting at a table. You might even place your hand on her thighs while sitting together, but that is all there is to it. If you touch her inappropriately, especially when she’s on stage, trouble might come your way.

Below are some of the reasons why you can’t touch a stripper;

1.    They are humans like you and me: Many people tend to sexualize strippers, thereby having the impression that they can touch them anyhow. This notion is false; even though they are strippers, most of these ladies are decent, so you should treat them like humans.

2. The gesture might provoke her: it is inevitable for guys and they can suddenly get the urge to become touchy. This is why they take measures to prevent it. If you keep making attempts to touch a stripper while she’s on duty, you might get her provoked.

3.    Strippers gossip: While in the dressing room, strippers discuss guys who made advances and passes at them while on duty. More so, you would not want to be a point of reference, and if you become one, you will notice most of the ladies avoiding you while on the stage or sitting as a customer.

4.    You would be breaking the rules: Most strip clubs make it known to their customer that touching a stripper is against the rules. Some strip club owners are not very nice when they catch you breaking the rules. They would kick you out if you do so almost immediately.

5.    They wear flimsy clothing: Strippers wear very little clothing when they are on duty, and that’s another reason why you can’t touch a stripper. Tiny-tops and miniskirts are their clothing choices, and due to the amount of skin showing, touching is not allowed. 

When they ascend the stage, they remove their tops, and in other strip clubs, they remove their skirts. The strippers and the management would not want guys touching their intimate parts.

 When you visit a strip club, find out if touching is allowed and how much touching is permitted. This would help you keep to the rules. Know more about the rules here.