When Humans dress and act like Dogs

When Humans dress and act like Dogs

Members of this subculture include scientists and engineers of all ages, genders, and sexualities, and they like puppy play for the “escapism” it delivers.

These “human puppies” have a close bond with their human masters. They wear dog masks, rubber or Lycra outfits, and mechanical tails. They’re frequently led on walks while wearing leashes around their necks, acting as if they’re going to the bathroom in public.

 According to human pups quizzed by a publication, puppy play is more than just costumes and surface-level power games.

You may easily distinguish puppies based on their clothing and animalistic actions. Don’t be fooled; many others are already enjoying this one-of-a-kind hobby, and you might want to join them.

You’ll fall in love with this way of life and get addicted in no time. Being  a member of a pup community is not that difficult, but start from the basis to get acquainted with their way of life.