Silicone Vs Mesh Baby Food Feeder

Silicone Vs Mesh Baby Food Feeder

A baby food feeder looks like a cross between a baby bottle and a pacifier. It has a pouch usually made of silicone or mesh. The pouch has lot of holes and is attached to a handle to make it easier for the baby to hold. When food is put in the pouch, the holes in it allow the baby to enjoy the flavor and texture of the food without the risk of choking. To know which baby feeder you should buy, take a look at a short comparison between silicone feeders vs mesh feeder listed below.

1:For Teething

Silicone feeders are usually thicker than the mesh ones and can feel less cold on the baby’s gums than the mesh feeders. So, if you use frozen veggies or fruits for teething, opting for mesh one would be a great choice.

2: Capacity

While compared to silicone feeders, the net of mesh feeders has the advantage of having more space. They do not need to be filled more often, allowing your baby to remain content for longer.

3: Maintenance

While cleaning mesh feeders can be a challenge as food often gets stuck in between the mesh, cleaning silicone nipples is quite simple and easy.

A baby food feeder your secret weapon to introduce new solid foods to your baby. It encourages your baby to self- feed and also keeps your infant safe during meal times.