Becoming A Firefighter, A True Calling.

Becoming A Firefighter, A True Calling.

Becoming a Firefighter is more than a career or a job, it is a true calling, and only those who believe in this simple fact are the ones that make the best there is in all forms of this calling.

It is a pity one of the main questions not asked in the recruitment process isn’t: “WHY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A FIREFIGHTER?”.

The answer to this question would alone set the job seekers apart from the true callers to this amazing and passionate field of public services.

To be chosen out of a group of many like-minded people to become part of one of the most amazing callings in the world today, cannot be compared to anything else.

The true firefighter has a passion to save lives and will do anything in his or her power to complete a task at hand to the best of his or her abilities, come what may.