3 Vintage Finds For Summer 2021

3 Vintage Finds For Summer 2021

Looking to make your 2021 a little less modern and a lot more vintage? Here are three fun throwback finds for summer 2021.

Rose Bikini, looking for a bathing suit with retro vibes? Roses are a great bet. From gothic to fanciful, roses are a staple of rockabilly culture. If you ever feel like you have trouble finding vintage pieces, try searching the term “rockabilly” instead.

Floral Hairpin

Set a vintage hairstyle off with a floral hairpin. Go with a bold, natural floral clip paired with victory rolls for an authentic look.

Sailor Shorts

These high waisted summer bottoms are perfect for your basic tops. Even better with an off the shoulder look. They are a great way to create a staple in your closet to make the rest of your wardrobe a little more antiqued.

As you get ready for summer, simple pieces can help to make your wardrobe extraordinary. Build over time. Rely on both modern and vintage basics… and watch your closet change into a retro revival.