3 Ways To Look Stunning At The Gym Postpartum

3 Ways To Look Stunning At The Gym Postpartum

Just deliver a bundle of joy? If your doctor has given you the go ahead to start exercising again, here are three ways to look simply stunning at the gym while you return to your pre-baby body.

Invest in postpartum exercise clothes, high waisted, structured bottoms keep your tummy tucked in tight, helping you to workout without thinking about your midsection. It also will make movements you haven’t done in a while and sore muscles feel less uncomfortable.

Buy some cute hats.

Dry shampoo builds up. Go with cute hats instead for days you don’t want to deal with washing your hair.

Switch to a dewy foundation.

If you like to wear a little makeup to the gym, go with something dewy that won’t clog pores but will give you a natural flushed glow.

As you get your pre-baby body back in gear, we wish you all the best health and happiness. Congrats on your new baby, mama!