The Day-to-Day: What To Wear To Work

The Day-to-Day: What To Wear To Work

The workwear Sheffield outfit is the first thing you put on in the morning, and it’s a big decision. You want to look professional, but not too formal, stylish yet timeless – so what should you wear?

This blog post will explore how workwear Sheffield outfits can be styled for different work environments. From casual Fridays to smart-casual dress codes, we’ll give you some ideas of what to wear that’ll make your workmates say “wow!”

Casual style

Casual workwear is very popular for offices with dress codes like intelligent casual or business casual; it’s also an option if you’re opting out of wearing suits altogether and feel more comfortable in your jeans.

Smart dress code

The dress code for innovative workplaces is typically more formal than casual work environments. It’s about dressing to impress – but without looking too stuffy or uncomfortable.

Formal attire.

If you work in a more formal work environment, the dress code is typically business attire. This can be anything from suits to dresses and blouses to trousers – but make sure it’s not too casual or too revealing for your workspace.

The work environment often governs workplace dress codes. Still, you could probably find a middle ground with your employer.