Three Ways Hemp Clothing Is Better Than Cotton

Three Ways Hemp Clothing Is Better Than Cotton

Hemp is a plant in the Cannabis Family that has been grown and cultivated for various purposes, such as clothing, food, and health supplements. Hemp is excellent for making fabrics used in clothing and has many benefits over cotton. If you’re considering buying hemp clothing, here are three reasons to add hemp clothing to your wardrobe.

Better Fabric

Fabrics made from hemp are more robust, more durable, and offer better insulation over cotton fabrics. Also, hemp fabrics hold their shape better than cotton fabrics.

Environmentally Friendly

Hemp plants require less water and fertilizer, pesticides to cultivate than cotton plants, making them easier to grow and more environmentally friendly.

Longer Lasting

Clothing made from hemp plants tends to last longer than clothing made from cotton. While cotton clothing is softer than hemp clothing, hemp clothing is ideal for outerwear that needs to be warm and withstand harsh conditions.