Know The Value Of Your Collectible

Know The Value Of Your Collectible

Limoges boxes are made in the same traditional way of making porcelain art. This is usually a long process that requires attention to detail with every collectible that is made. They are made by extraordinarily gifted artisans who perform their art in a very labor-intensive process.

Before these works of art become finished products, they have to undergo several stages of development. These stages include making the mold and submitting it to several firings and then glazing it before the process of painting can begin.

Different Colours Used

Norooz Limoges boxes come in an array of different colors that are used together to create beautiful and intricate designs. Because different colors will require different temperatures for firing, using a number of them is a labor-intensive process that needs more effort and time to get them to the desired design.

A product that has different colors used on it will be more expensive than one where a simple painting was used.