What Are Georgian Antiques?

What Are Georgian Antiques?

What are Georgian Antiques?

Preceded by the Stuart period the Georgian period spanned from 1714 to 1837, which makes these antiques not only very collectable and rare (as per it is there but once someone owns them, you will never rarely get them to sell it), but is available in large numbers (as per the amounts of pieces there are out there).

These items have become quite popular recently because it comes from the period when George I, George II, Geroge III, Geroge IV, and William IV reigned as kings.

The style of these items became lighter as the 123 year period passed, as far as the design, colors, and decorations went.

The earlier works were drab, grey’s, burgundies. and even greens. But this change over time as these dull colors became muted by the more soft and dusky Wedgwood blues and pinks and taking over as the new popular colors for decorating.

The ultimate compliment to any home was when your furniture matched your curtains and drapes