My Experience Wearing Colored Contacts With Astigmatism

My Experience Wearing Colored Contacts With Astigmatism

When I was considering colored contacts for my astigmatism, I had a lot of questions. Is it safe? Will they fit on my eyes correctly? What if they don’t look good in person? Many factors come into play when deciding which colored contacts to purchase for astigmatism. Read this article and learn the answers to these questions and other facts about colored contacts with astigmatism.

Can they hurt my eyes?

No. they are designed to be worn on the eye just like traditional contact lenses, and they should not hurt your eyes at all. In fact, many people who wear colored contacts for astigmatism will tell you that they feel more comfortable than wearing glasses or contact lenses because of their softness against the delicate skin.

Are they expensive?

No. Many people claim that they pay much less than glasses or contact lenses.

Can my prescription worsen by wearing them?

No. They can be worn even if you have a prescription in your eye. They should not worsen the condition of your eyesight.

It’s important to know that colored contact lenses are classified by the FDA as medical devices, which means they must be prescribed for someone who is having difficulty seeing clearly.