Diving With Whale Sharks

Diving With Whale Sharks

Diving with Whale Sharks, though it is not always allowed in many countries for both the safety of the whale shark and you the diver it can be an exhilarating experience if done under the proper supervision.

Safety is the name of the game.

One swipe of the tail and you can get killed but one wrong touch with a naked hand will cause irreparable damage to their fins or even skin diseases.

In the countries that do allow it, they usually allow only small groups at a time and the guides are very strict in the well being of both the diver and the whales shark ( more for the whale shark than human as we are encroaching on their territory not the other way around )

So before you decide on going one one of those journeys, do your homework not only fr the best legal diving shows but for legality purposes as well.