PRINCE 2 Foundation Certification

PRINCE 2 Foundation Certification

A brief history on the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification:

Derived from an earlier methodology called PROMPT II (project resource organization management planning techniques which were first developed in the UK as an IT (information technology) management project in 1989 through the C C T A (Central Computer Telecom Agency) as a UK Government standard.

Originally the name PRINCE stood for ” PROMPT II IN THE CCTA ENVIRONMENT” but was renamed when they had a civil service renaming competition to the acronym for ” Projects IN Controlled Environments”

PRINCE 2 is now the 2nd edition released in 1996 as a method for management of generic projects

Having two revision updates on this version since 1996 (in 2009 and 2017) as an evolution in business practices in actual environmental projects.

It has six aspects that concentrate on tolerances and or performances of each goal in decision-making processes such as KPIs.