3 Important Things To Know About Hiring A Wedding Marquee

3 Important Things To Know About Hiring A Wedding Marquee

Hiring a Wedding marquee is an important decision for any wedding. You should know three things before making your final choice of Wedding Marquee Hire company: the type of Wedding marquee, hire prices, and what to expect on the day. In this article, we will explore each one in more detail so that you feel confident about your decision when hiring a wedding marquee.

1) The type of Wedding marquee

There are several Wedding marquee types to choose from, such as Wedding Marquee Hire with seating and Wedding marquees without seats. A Wedding marquee with chairs will provide the guests at your wedding with somewhere to sit down during their reception meal but can cost more than one without chairs.

A Wedding marquee without seating is perfect for smaller weddings as it will give your guests more space and can be set up on any flat surface that is dry, level, and non-slip.

2) Hire prices to vary

The price of hiring Wedding marquees varies depending on the size and style you choose. The cost also depends on whether or not your Wedding marquee needs to be transported from one location to another, as this can incur additional labor charges. Prices will start at £800 for a small Wedding marquee without seating, which could rise to nearly £3000.

3) What to expect on the day

Having Wedding marquees for your Wedding day will allow you to have a more flexible celebration. The Wedding marquee can be used as an all-inclusive venue which is perfect if you want to spend the entire evening with guests and not worry about hiring additional space or staff.