Bucks Party Challenges for the Groom

Bucks Party Challenges for the Groom

 It’s your friend’s last weekend of independence before entering the next stage of his life. And, while games and bucks party activities are crucial for a successful buck’s party, there’s something else that’s easy to overlook: challenges. These put your buck’s bravery to the test at his bachelor party. But does he have the capacity to go all the way?

Serenade a Girl

You need to have some guts to pull this. It becomes an easy feat if the buck has a great voice—but that is a no-no if he doesn’t. The only task is to walk up to a random girl and serenade her with a great song.


 In this situation, the buck must engineer one of the ridiculous makeovers possible. Everything is fair game for a bucks party makeover, including fake moustaches, clown shoes, and thick nerd specs. One of the things that can happen is having a handful of ladies – perhaps some female friends of yours – to assist him in reconnecting with his feminine side. They can do his make-up, hair, etc.

Makeover challenges are one of the highlights of the bucks party, and you will be adding more fun to the event when you make it more exciting. More info here.