Kern County Fair: A Weeklong Celebration

Kern County Fair: A Weeklong Celebration

The Kern County Fair is the perfect way to celebrate kern county and all it has to offer. If you are in kern county this week, make sure to stop by the fairgrounds for a day or two! The Kern county fair lasts from August 24th until September 5th.

It’s hard not to have fun at the kern county fair with so many things going on every day of the event. Make sure you check out livestock displays, carnival rides, food vendors, concerts, and more!

What can I do at the country fair?

The Kern county fair is a weeklong celebration. There are concerts and games to play every day!

The Kern County Fair has an excellent carnival with crazy rides and tasty treats. Kids have specific events they enjoy at the Kern County fair, too. There is an inflatable zone where kids can jump for hours, kiddie camp for little ones to enjoy a variety of age-appropriate activities such as face painting and crafts and horsemanship demonstrations.

Remember, the Kern County Fair is open from August 24th until September 5th, with lots of events going on all week long!