Advantages Of New Transition Lenses

Advantages Of New Transition Lenses

These are photochromic lenses with the ability to darken during the day when there is a lot of sunlight and tend to brighten during soft darkness or at night. This has given people the convenience of wearing sunglasses without having to wear them on top of their prescribed lenses or switching between the two of them.


The new transition lenses offer convenience as they save one from carrying two pairs of lenses. This also reduces the risk of losing or misplacing them.


They serve multiple functions hence saving one the cost of buying extra prescription lenses. You only need a single pair of these lenses for all your needs.

Come in different styles and trends

They do not compromise style and fashion since they come in a variety of trending styles.

Offer eye protection

Apart from performing as sunglasses, the new transition lenses filter UV harmful rays from the sun leading to healthy eyes.