When To Get Replacement Prescription Lenses

When To Get Replacement Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses have to be kept in top shape to perform as well as they should. Consider getting replacements if you are in the following situations:

When the Old One is Damaged

Did you glasses fall on hard ground? Did it sustain cracks or scratches? Even small cracks can be a cause for concern. These will only get bigger in time. Before that happens, you should get the replacement prescription lenses ready. Lots of scratches in the surface can also affect the clarity of the lens so it’s a valid ground for replacement.

When You Want a Different Style

Sometimes you simply want to wear lenses with a different style. You can choose between progressive, single vision, and bifocal lenses. There are also regular and high index materials. The latter is great if you want thinner lenses.

When Your Visual Acuity Changes

Your vision will change over time. Periodic visits to the eye doctor is essential if you want to keep your lenses in line with what you eyes need.