Cosplay Costumes AND COMICON

Cosplay Costumes AND COMICON

Many a geek knows the right costume at Comicon can make or break you and Cosplay is the news Comicon.

Gone are the days or Trekkies and star wars but here are the days of the Cosplay Costumes.

Outrageous in design as in color, style, fitting, accessories like wigs, contact lenses and even the cape has returned.

Mostly designed for the followers of the newer Japanese style comic book Anime.

So great has this new craze reached epic proportions that you can have stores sold out months before any Cosplay event or conference and even the tickets.

Many have even tried making their own but for some reason, unless you are part Japanese no western seems to be able to imitate the original successfully.

So if you are a great fan of these costumes and plan on doing any event make sure you order yours months before the time or maybe you have to end up flying to Japan to have one made!