3 Factors That Affect Wellness

3 Factors That Affect Wellness

It’s no secret that factors like our diet and level of physical activity have a major impact on the wellness of our bodies. But did you know that stress, sleep quality, and exposure to chemicals can also affect wellness?

-physical activity: Exercise is important for your overall health. The benefits of being active include proper weight control, improved mental health, and increased energy levels.
-stress levels in life: “Many people experience stress levels in life that can either be constructive or destructive. Stress is a component of our physiological makeup, and the degree to which we tolerate it will always determine its ultimate effect.”
-sleep quality: Sleep is an aspect of wellness that we don’t think about much, but it impacts a lot.

Sleep can range from being insufficient to sleep deprivation and lead to injury, mental illness, or death, not just due to lack of sleep.

The factors that affect wellness can be split into three categories:
Factors in the physical environment
Elements in the built environment
Factors from social determinants of health
This article will explore each of these factors and how they affect our well-being.
First up are factors in the physical environment, including things like temperature, air quality, noise levels, etc. For example, suppose you live near a busy road or train station. In that case, you likely have high noise levels, leading to feelings of isolation or depression.

Air pollution also poses an issue as people living with asthma know all too well! Factors from the built environment also play an essential role, such as access to public transportation, which would allow people to go out more often for social activities.
Lastly, factors from the natural environment such as trees and fresh air can relieve mental fatigue or stress due to their calming effect on our body. So people with chronic conditions like asthma need to live near parks to have access to green spaces, which would promote healthier minds too!