Crossfit Boxes In Daily Training:

Crossfit Boxes In Daily Training:

Crossfit Boxes in daily training:

Are you the type of person that loves training in unique ways?

Well, then these boxes are made just for you:

  • 1: Made out of sturdy and durable wood
  • 2: Comes either assembled from a store of can be made at home
  • 3: Made by glueing then screwing six pieces of wood together to form a box
  • 4: Comes in different sizes and dimensions
  • 5: Can be used for different exercises
  • ^: Can be set up anywhere and anytime as long as there is a flat surface and enough headspace as not to injure yourself

Using thee boxes either as a step (stepping up and down) or as a jump box (jumping up and down the box using your legs only) builds up you leg muscles as well as your core and because they come without handles or rails, it also helps you with balance and concentration.