What Should You Eat: British Food Shop

What Should You Eat: British Food Shop

A British food shop is a British grocery store that carries British products. It might bring British foods, British drinks, and British desserts. A British food shop will typically have tea, scones, crumpets, biscuits, loaves of bread with names like Arnold’s or Warburtons.

British food shops will also carry British foods such as HP Sauce, Branston pickle, and Marmite. British drinks might include Lucozade or Horlicks. British desserts may be available like Cadbury’s chocolate bars, Foxes biscuits, or McVities’ Jaffa Cakes.

Is it expensive to buy at a British Food Shop?

The British food shop might be more expensive than the average American grocery store because it is a British specialty market and carries only British products.

How do British people feel about British Food Shops?

Some British people prefer to buy their groceries from a traditional supermarket. In contrast, others like to visit a British food shop or delicatessen with items they can’t find in a conventional British supermarket.

These are the basics of what you need to know about a British Food Shop!