The Best Card Games For Couples

The Best Card Games For Couples

When people think of spending time with their better half, they rarely think of playing card games. But the truth is that there are many card games for couples that are very entertaining. Here are some of the popular games that you can enjoy as a couple.

Our Moments

This is a popular game which can actually help couples to have a better connection with each other, whilst having fun at the same time. You will get a box that contains 100 cards and each card will have a question that your partner has to answer. It is also perfect for those couples who want to see whether they know each other well.

Talk Flirt Dare

This is another exciting game for couples who already love the game of truth and dare. The games are almost similar, except that with this one, players are allowed to flirt their way to victory as well. It comes with three different decks; the Flirt deck, Dare deck and the Talk deck. You can play them separately or they can be combined into one game.