Examples Of Birth Malformations And Ways Of Preventing Them.

Examples Of Birth Malformations And Ways Of Preventing Them.

Birth malformations
are defects that happen due to genetic factors, environmental factors and infections and some of them can be prevented through leading a healthy life style, for example avoiding unnecessary drugs, eating healthy before and during pregnancy and observing all the regulations advised by the doctor.

These malformations can be detected using tests such as ultrasound and X-rays during birth, before birth and sometime after birth. Some example of these birth defects fall under structural defects which include:

Neural tube defects like Spina bifida, cleft palate or lip, heart defects and defects of the limb where one or leg is shorter than the other one and club foot.

The other category of the malformations is developmental malformation which include;

Sensory problems such as hearing and visual problems, nervous system defects which normally include down syndrome and fragile x syndrome. Degenerative disorders are another type of developmental defect, and an example is muscular dystrophy.