Tap Into Your Brain

Tap Into Your Brain

You have three levels in your mind as per Freud

  • Your ID
  • Your Ego
  • Your Superego

and all three will operate through the tri-levels of awareness which is :

  • Conscious
  • Subconscious
  • Preconscious

and only the conscious being the one that is aware at all times and at any point of time

How do you Tap Into Your Brain

  • trust yourself
  • write all things down no matter how unimportant it might seem
  • keep a journal: the act of writing down things makes you remember things easier and increases memory power.
  • trust your instincts as it is natural brain power

How do I tap into my unconscious mind?

Once again type or write down everything no matter how unimportant it is. It will make it easier to memorize and recollect at later stages.