Types And Benefits Of A 4 Wheel Walker

Types And Benefits Of A 4 Wheel Walker

A 4 wheel walker has four rotating wheels, brakes, a seat, and usually a basket. This walker is used for patients who need a walker only for balance but not for weight-bearing.

Types of four wheel walkers are height-adjustable 4-wheel walkers, wheeled walkers, folding walkers, platform attached glider walkers, rise-assistance walker,

These walkers work well for those who have arthritis, difficulty in breathing, hip problems or back pains. The benefits of this walker are easy maneuvering, resting when needed, and being self-reliant.

Tips on choosing the right 4 wheel walker are talking to a healthcare provider, looking for a walker frame and seat that can safely support your weight, and one that will fit through the doorways in your home.

To conclude, talk to your doctor and find out more about a four wheel walker and how it can help you.