Ensuring A Smooth AirBnb Key Exchange

Ensuring A Smooth AirBnb Key Exchange

The concept of airbnb has proved to be a stroke of genius by its entrepreneurial founders. However, there is always one vital part of any agreement that needs to be determined beforehand and that is the airbnb key exchange.

With no reception desk to greet visitors upon their arrival, there has to be a safe and secure arrangement in place to allow easy access to the rented property.

For the peace of mind of both parties, a hand delivered key has many advantages, although this is often not convenient. Alternatively, it could be left with a neighbour, but introducing a third party does not always sit well with guests.

Therefore, a lock-box, with a simple code which the guest can enter themselves, is the most straightforward. This should be left in an easy to find location, but hidden from public view.

Whichever key exchange method is favoured, the undertaking of it is crucial for ensuring all dealings run smoothly.