Launching A Startup While Working Full Time

Launching A Startup While Working Full Time

Launching a startup is a demanding task in the best of circumstances but doing so while also working a fulltime job can make it even more demanding. It is possible to launch a startup while working full time by doing the following:

• When working on your startup devote all your time and energy to it and be prepared to ‘grind it out’ to get as much done as possible.

• Start making a plan to leave your full time job and commit to the startup with all your time: unwavering commitment is a requirement for success.

• Hire talented people and be able to trust them to work unsupervised when you are not present.

• Make sure you keep your job and startup separate so that they do not impact each other.

• Remember that failures are opportunities to learn and you should embrace a continuous learning process as part of your startup journey.