Torqeedo: Quality Electric Outboards

Torqeedo: Quality Electric Outboards

Torqeedo is a company that produces electric outboards. They have released six different models in the past decade.

Torqeedo offers products in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Torqeedo’s product line includes three sizes of motors: Torqee200 (2kW), Torqueboat400 (4kW) and Torque1200 (12kW). The Torqueboat400 is the most popular model with over 50% market share worldwide!

Torqeedo electric outboards are manufactured in Germany. It was founded by Torsten Krüger, who is passionate about sailing and the environment.

Torqeedo products are designed to be environmentally friendly while still providing high performance. These electric outboard motors produce no emissions or noise pollution, making them a great choice for people looking to protect their loved ones from respiratory problems caused by polluted air.

Torqeedo has expanded into additional products that use their Torquebattery technology. These include Torque-Electric Bike Systems and Torquesense Lightweight Electric Bicycles.