Everything You Need To Know About Parking System Boston

Everything You Need To Know About Parking System Boston

Parking System Boston is a new parking management system introduced in the city of Boston. It is designed to make parking easier and more convenient for drivers. There are three main components: the Parking Meter, the Parking Permit, and the ParkBoston App. This article will provide an overview of each component and explain how they work together to make parking in Boston easier than ever!

The Parking Meter is the first component. It is a new type of parking meter that allows drivers to pay for their parking using their credit or debit card. It accepts both coins and paper bills, so you can use whichever method is more convenient for you. Once you have paid for your parking, the Meter will print out a receipt that you can put on your dashboard.

The Parking Permit is the second component of Parking System Boston. It allows you to park in any designated Permit area without paying for parking. You can purchase a Permit online or at any Boston Public Library branch.

The final component is the Parking Meter HUB. This online system allows you to pay for your parking and view your parking history. You can also use it to add money to your account and view Parking Meter locations.

If you have any questions, contact the Parking Permit Hotline. You can also visit the Parking System Boston website for more information.