How To Hire An LA Food Photographer

How To Hire An LA Food Photographer

If you have a food business in LA you know that great pictures can set you apart from the rest of the crowd. This why hiring a good LA food photographer is as essential as serving great food.

Here’s how to hire the best food photographer for your business.

Solid Portfolio

Look at the photographer’s portfolio to see past works and get a feel for his or her style.


If you have a small business, don’t go overboard by hiring a celebrity photographer. Opt for one with a solid portfolio and the style that compliments your food, even if he or she is a virtual unknown charging beginner rates.


Not all food photography set-ups can be shot on location. Sometimes studio shots are ideal to get the best light, angles and colors. Choose a photographer who can offer this flexibility.

Food photography is an art. Chosen well, you can find a good photographer who can deliver photos that are worth your money.