Image Masking Services For Anyone

Image Masking Services For Anyone

Image Masking Services has been around for quite a while now and is not uncommon anymore especially in the world of modeling photography.

You can have the perfect model, the perfect background and the perfect weather that hits at just the right time and exposure and the photographer take a roll of shots, feeling pretty pleased.

But once he or she views their prints under magnification(as that is how most pictures get printed) they pick up a flaw or problem not seen and then on top of it all it appears on his perfect shot he or she wants to use.

It could be a fly on a cheek or in the hair, a strand of hair a slight breeze blew in and out of the shot when the shot was taken, or even a photobomber in the background.

This is where masking comes in. As many photographers use digital cameras all images can be run through a masking program and any unwanted flaws removed immediately.