Sydney Headshots For Business And Personal Use

Sydney Headshots For Business And Personal Use

Headshots Sydney is a photograph capturing a perfect image of the face of the subject. This photo could be for the promotion of a business executive, a model, an actor, a performer, or for some other purpose. It is the goal of the photographer to illuminate the natural features of the subject while matching the purpose of the headshot.

1) Be sure to highlight the person’s most important feature, the eyes.

2) Make sure the top of the head is not lost in the background with a hair light behind the subject or a flash.

3) Use diffused light to hide blemishes in the skin.

4) Utilizing the best lighting to highlight the strength in a man’s face and the beauty of a woman’s eyes. A woman’s photographer should shoot down to capture her image. A man’s photographer should shoot up to focus on his face.