3 Major Trends In Water Innovation

3 Major Trends In Water Innovation

Water innovation companies are popping up all over the world, and for a good reason! The water crisis is a significant issue that needs to be solved. With water scarcity rising in big cities like London and Beijing, water innovation technology will be our future savior. This article will discuss three trends in water innovation: desalination plants, water reuse systems, and new sources of fresh drinking water.

Desalination plants are water innovation companies that create water by removing salt from ocean water. These plants can either be built on shorelines or floating offshore platforms. The largest of these desalination projects has been in southern California since 2009; it’s so large that it produces enough water for more than 800,000 people. The water from desalination plants is not only immaculate, but it’s also of a higher quality than freshwater sources.

A water reuse system can be defined as reusing water to decrease water waste and produce more water for human use. For example, if you were to shower in one-minute intervals instead of the usual five-minute breaks, water would be used more efficiently, and water waste would decrease.

The third trend is to use water for industrial purposes – this includes using it as an energy source or producing goods like food or clothing. The AP reports that water usage has grown by 33% since 2005. Water can be used for industrial purposes in water recycling plants, where water that humans have used can be recycled and purified to use again.

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