3 Tips Before Buying Peshtemal Towels

3 Tips Before Buying Peshtemal Towels

Peshtemal towels are Turkish bath towels that are made from cotton and linen. They have a unique weave that makes them light and soft, perfect for drying off after a shower or as a beach towel. Most peshtemals come in sets of two because the cotton is more absorbent than linen. The collection includes one big peshtemal (about 67 inches by 57 inches) and one small peshtemal (about 34 inches by 27 inches). This article will discuss 3 essential tips to remember before you buy peshtemal towels!

1) Peshtamals should be washed before use to remove any natural oils leftover in the fabric during manufacturing; this can lead to icky, sticky towels.

2) Peshtemals should be washed after each use to avoid any bacterial buildup.

3) Hang dry or tumble-dry peshtemals to avoid icky, sticky towels.

In conclusion, peshtemals are an excellent investment because they absorb better than linen and last longer.