An Introduction To PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

An Introduction To PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

PRINCE2 is an internationally recognized project management methodology. PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is a qualification that provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to manage any PRINCE2 project successfully.

PRINCE2 Foundation certification will equip you with the right tools to succeed in your career as a PRINCE2 practitioner. Still, it will also provide you with the skills necessary for becoming certified in other methodologies, including PROSC.

What Is PRINCE2?

  • PRINCETM was developed by The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in 1988, as part of their “Good Practice Guides.”
  • In 1997, PRINCETM became PRINCE, a registered trademark of OGC, with the PRINCE acronym reflecting Processes in Natural Environment.
  • PRINCETM gives guidance on how to carry out projects successfully and provide a framework for PRINCE (PRojects IN Controlled Environments).

PRINCE is a Projects in Controlled Environments method that includes PRINCETM, PROSC.