Factors To Consider For FireFighter Recruitment Perth

Factors To Consider For FireFighter Recruitment Perth

Firefighting is not an easy career, so is the process of recruitment of firefighters. Competition is stiff, and the recruiting process can be very challenging and grueling. Enduring the process can be difficult for many individuals. Over seventy percent of the applying candidates prematurely quit the process and pursue other job openings. There is much to bolster these statistics. Indeed, many may not be aware of what was awaiting them before making their applications. Alternatively, inadequate preparation may have caused a spike in dropouts. Here are some factors to consider for firefighter recruitment Perth.

Become an Emergency Medical Technician

Most of the firefighter departments require certification for EMT prior to application. Additionally, over ninety-percent of the firefighters require the EMT certificate after hire. While a significant majority of fire departments attend to over 70% medical-related emergency response, the sense is only feasible with EMT certification. The recruitment process only avails dismal training. Therefore a prerequisite of EMT gives the upper hand. Moreover, most departments consider licensed paramedics as their recruits. Having EMT training can make one more competent and fit for the work. Consequently, before considering applying to a firefighting career, make sure that you have enrolled and pass the emergency medical services training. Also, be certain that you are interested in emergency medical services as a paramedic prior to being a firefighter.

Offer Voluntary Services

You can enroll in benevolence public service programs. The volunteering should not only be limited to firefighting but also non-fire experiences. This firefighting career is interested in the provision of community services. Thus, nothing can outweigh the basis of voluntary community services. Voluntary services are beneficial for starters in any career as they demonstrate a willingness to work and not driven by accolades and paychecks. You can also enroll as a Red Cross volunteer besides other programs that serve humanity.

Enroll in Fire Technology Classes

Although this may not be a common firefighter application requirement, it shows prior preparation and readiness for the career. Such empowerment demonstrates dedication, initiative, and commitment towards a firefighting career. Most fire academies only deal with the vital requirements and overlook the basics, which can only be acquired elsewhere. Therefore, it is prudent to empower and acquaint yourself with fire-related knowledge and skills. For instance, Perth fire recruit department dismally provides limited hours of building construction, and some for learning fire behavior. Although these two classes are vital, the training is inadequate. Having a prescience of firefighting career, make sure to enroll in local colleges offering fire technology to have the career’s upper hand.


Although a firefighting career can be intriguing, prior preparation is key before recruitment. Be sure to acquaint yourself with emergency and fire-related knowledge, which will keep you afloat in the career.