How To Add Closed Captions To Your Marketing Videos

How To Add Closed Captions To Your Marketing Videos

It’s becoming increasingly important to add captions to your marketing videos. More than 80% of consumers watch online content with sound muted down. Not to forget people with hearing impairments and foreign-language viewers; captions will make your content accessible to both segments. So how do you include them in your marketing clips? Take a look at how to add closed captions to videos.

Transcribe Your Content

Translating your content’s audio track(s) into text is the first step of the captioning process. Make sure that your transcripts are as accurate as possible; they should include both the dialogue and any sound effects serving as audio cues.

Create an .SRT File

Most video platforms accept closed captions in .srt (SubRip Subtitle) format. An SRT file is a text file that holds captions in frames (lines), plus timecodes for when each caption sequence appears. You could download an SRT file and modify it to suit your transcripts if you’re confident of your tech skills. Otherwise, entrust the headache to a pro.


With the hard part done and dusted, this should be a walk in the park. Just remember to watch the clip(s) to ensure each caption appears at the right time.