Save Time And Money With Batch Cooking

Save Time And Money With Batch Cooking

Batch cooking is basically cooking a large amount of food so that it can be served as several meals, or parts of meals. This style of cooking can help you save time and energy, as well as money. In the long run, it can help bring down the money you spend on takeout, and ensure that you and your family eat nutritious meals.

How Does Batch Cooking Work?

Cooking in batches serves several purposes. You will end up saving more time and energy by cooking more than you need immediately, and then freeze the rest of the food for later use. There are many techniques to this style of cooking. Some people like to cook only on one or two days in the week, and have meals ready for the entire week. Others may like to batch components of the meals. These components can be both, cooked and uncooked. You can marinade chicken or pork chops, before you place them in the freezer.

How to Make Batch Cooking Work for You

When you are choosing to cook in batches, it is always a good idea to have a strategy and blueprint. You can create a menu plan for a week or a fortnight. This will help you identify the dishes that will be repeated, and cook these in larger amounts. This process of meal planning will also help you shop for ingredients in bulk, and bring down the cost of your shopping. Furthermore, you will need to shop for groceries less often as you will be well stocked for the next few weeks.

There are many ways to incorporate batch cooking to suit your requirements and preferences. You can cook large amounts of a few recipes and freeze portions that are suitable for your family. A useful and practical tip is to use muffin tins for individual portions, freeze them, and then place the portions into a food bag, and into the freezer.

The nutritional value of food is unaffected by freezing. And this is what makes cooking in batches so useful. Certain foods such as mayonnaise, low fat cream cheese and lettuce do not freeze well. This is also true of uncooked potatoes. To thaw frozen food, do not leave out in room temperature, but defrost slowly in the refrigerator. One can also immerse the food bag in a bowl of cool water and defrost. Do remember that frozen food should not be directly put into a hot oven.