The 3 Keys To Strategic Wellbeing

The 3 Keys To Strategic Wellbeing

Strategic wellbeing is a buzzword that has been thrown around for the past few years. What does it mean? It means thinking about your life holistically and understanding how all of the pieces fit together. This article will explore three main points: self-awareness, personal responsibility, and social intelligence. The first key to strategic wellbeing is aware of yourself as an individual with strengths and weaknesses in various areas of life (self-awareness).

For example, if you are introverted but need to make presentations regularly at work or school, then this could be a source of stress for you. Similarly, if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, this might be something elsewhere. Increased awareness would help make things more manageable.

The second key to strategic wellbeing is taking responsibility for your actions and recognizing that your choices have consequences (personal responsibility).

For example, suppose you are feeling stressed about work. In that case, it might be a good idea to consider what tasks can be delegated instead of adding them on top of an already busy schedule.

Regular exercise is the third key to strategic wellbeing. Regular physical activity can improve mood and reduce stress levels, which lowers the risk of developing a chronic disease such as diabetes because our bodies are more able to process sugar and other nutrients better.

Incorporating these three keys into your daily life will start to lead you down a path of feeling more positive and healthier.