The History Of Branded Content

The History Of Branded Content

A Brief History of Branded Content

Is this a new concept or not?

Branded content is not really a new thing. Branded content is based on an old way of business in the marketing and advertising industry. According to Brian Clark, this type of content was created in the 1940s, or even before. It was very common in the ’40s for a show to have a specific sponsor or even their own unique brand.

Now, moving into the 1970s, brands like Gamble and Proctor were doing soap operas. The sponsored the shows and also produced shows like As The World Turns and Guiding Light. Even though this type of content is not new, it has definitely become more popular. Today we have videos, podcasts, articles, web series, and virtual reality.

So even though this concept is not new, it has progressed.