Types Of Urban Planning Projects

Types Of Urban Planning Projects

Some activities are involved in Urban Planning Projects. One and the most common one is land-use planning. This involves the regulation of the land use which is normally done through the designation of the areas of development and protection. Again, this is where the performance criteria are put into the application.

Resource management act

Here, the planner will look into ways and means of promoting the sustainable management of natural and physical resources. They will strive hard to control adverse environmental effects originating from the use and development of renewable resources. It is basically to ensure an eco-friendly environment for all.

Growth and development strategy

This is put in place to sustainably manage the growth and development of so that the community can generate benefits from it. The benefits could be social, economic, and culturally while at the same time, safeguarding the resources for the future generation. Urban Projects are all made available to ensure that the community is developed correctly without any negative impacts.