VFX Studios Worldwide Is It A Dying Art?

VFX Studios Worldwide Is It A Dying Art?

Is VFX Studios Worldwide is it a dying art?

According to reports it would seem not, as the global market for VFX added about eleven million three hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars to the American movie industry in 2018 and is expected to rise to about twenty-three million eight hundred and fifty-four thousand dollars by 2025
How big is the VFX industry?

With these great sums of money in play, it only makes it obvious that a career choice in VFX is a great choice globally. And because of this growth, the demand for more artists will only grow exponentially.

So no the VFX is not a dying phase in the global movie industry especially since the Tokyo based Anime Studios have and still is growing constantly with more and more of the movies released and making the blockbuster charts are based on the Anime comic books, that originated from there and thus making a demand for other sonic book character and storylines much more in demand.

And because of 99% of comic book and Anime is based on superheroes and their powers VFX will always play an important part in these movies for a long time to come.