What Is VFX Outsourcing, What Services Do They Offer?

What Is VFX Outsourcing, What Services Do They Offer?

What is VFX Outsourcing is most asked question VFX offers a variety of service including but not limited the listed below.

VFX rotoscoping

This is one of the primary services provided by VFX companies. This is done on feature films, TV series and commercial advertisements.

Rig clean up

This involves the removal of anything in the video that you do not need. This involves rig removal, cleanup, reflection tweaks, clean plate creation and deletion of unwanted parts.


This involves 2D planner tracks, 3D point cloud data, corner pin data, camera tracking, which is the camera motion tracking.


This is done to either 2D or 3D videos. It involves tasks like FX composting, set extensions, color corrections and green screen blending with a live plate.

A good company will always thrive on producing quality work. To achieve this, they employ highly qualified staff to avoid compromises. Their team is highly skilled with VFX skills development to ensure excellence in their performance. The staff is highly committed, result-oriented and self-motivated. They work entirely around the clock hence giving their clients a peace of mind.