Why You Should Consider Micro Influencers

Why You Should Consider Micro Influencers

Marketing is continually changing and the options available keep growing. It is not easy to find that magical formula anymore. This is why more brands are turning to micro influencers.

A micro influencer is a person with a smaller social media following. Nobody can agree on the exact amount for the definition but the consensus is between 5,000 and 100,000 followers.

The beauty of using these up-and-comers is that they usually fall under a niche, which has always been a powerful word in marketing. Every niche has a very loyal following and that loyalty is valuable.

Followers of these niche social media influencers do not see them as sellouts which makes them feel more positive and responsive when a review or brand shout-out is posted.

This is also a good way to expand a brand’s outreach. By spending less on 50 micro influencers as opposed to more with one or two more well-known influencers, the same amount of money is spent but the exposure is spread further and more evenly.

Any brand should consider adding this strategy to their marketing arsenals. These small but mighty niche influencers can be a goldmine if used correctly.