The Pro Putting Mirror

The Pro Putting Mirror

The Pro Putting Mirror:

One of the finer points in the sport of golf is mastering the art of the put.

That is why all putting areas are different and you as the golfer need to know you putting green inside out.

But, no matter how much you know you will encounter difficulties unless you practice, practice, and practice.

And one way is to use this mirror. They usually come in three forms, 2 basic and one pro.

When putting you always watch that ball travel towards the hole until it either drops in or passes by, or sometimes stops short or wide.

There is only one way, apart from repetition, to exercise or practice for a perfect put, and that is to view yourself through each shot.

This pro option is large enough to show your stance and shoulder motion as well as the travel and line of the ball.
Now you can see where you went wrong in one shot!