A Brief Intro To Android TV Box

A Brief Intro To Android TV Box

Android TV boxes are basically small media centers or smart TV boxes. The box facilitates an array of functionalities, right from streaming content to your television to surfing the web. These boxes let you transform any non-smart TV into a smart television. The majority of people use Android TV boxes to stream video content to their TV from online streaming services.

Working Mechanism

Hooking up the box with your television is pretty straightforward. The box gets connected to your TV and the Internet through a Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection. After the box has been connected to the Internet and your TV, you may install the apps you need. For instance, install the YouTube app and watch YouTube content on your TV.

Like iOS and Windows Phone, the Android operating system was made by Google primarily for mobile phones. The OS operates on ARM-based chips that render it quite portable. Since Android is free and open-source, it’s significantly cheaper to make Android-based hardware. Though normally installed on mobile devices, Android offers you much better output and input options when hooked up with hardware such as the Android TV box.

Android TV Box Purpose

As aforementioned, Android TV boxes are primarily used for streaming video content so that you can watch your favorite shows and movies on a bigger screen. While media consumption is the major reason why most people set up an Android TV box, you may also use the box to do pretty much anything a normal computer could do.

Like Android smartphones, you may use your connected TV to download apps from the Google Play Store. You may use the apps to check the weather or create a document right on your TV. Moreover, you may also view regular content on your TV. The Android television box is not cutting you off from regular TV content. It, in fact, lets you easily and seamlessly switch between satellite and online content.

Other Features Built into Android TV Boxes

Android TV boxes are not one monolith of a product. There are different manufacturers making them. They, therefore, come in different shapes and sizes, and with a different set of features. The features you would usually find in them include integrated Chromecast support, Google Assistant, Bluetooth, and extra ports. The additional ports are usually USB ports, Ethernet ports, and SD card slots. The USB ports can be used for connecting your keyboards, gaming controllers, mice, and other peripherals.